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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello! I am currently a student in Malaysia, turned seventeen on July 27th. I have been using Photoshop around December 2015, graphic designing for nearly a year. I use Photoshop CS2 and CS5.

I like to write, listen to Korean pop and Lana del Rey. I'd like to make friends, hence do not be shy to leave comments!

jonginschips is my cutiepie
Tagged for the 3rd/4th time by the amazeballs :iconsnowyowl119: and the awesomesauce :iconjustmarine:

13 + 13 Facts About Me

1. I eat soysauce with almost everything
2. I've been making graphics for almost 10 months now ^^
3. Muse by OCAD, Lu by Luhan, Flesh by Simon Curtis, G.U.Y. by Lady Gaga are my versions of 50SoG's soundtrack
4. I'm 5ft 7
5. I'm quite flexible with my body (?) - my fingers surpass my toes when I stretch
6. I love mocha latte and red bean cake
7. My average grade was A- for the first exam in March and my dad be like "Work harder bc you're not going anywhere with that average" I CRI
8. I have been forcing my pals to download WeChat so I can spam them with cute stickers
9. CSI: Miami , Law and Order SVU are my favorite tv shows
10. I ship Kaistal man
11. I'm the same age as Kim Ye-rim yAs and to know that someone my age chasing her dreams and becoming successful in life makes me tear up from joy
12. I want to teach people English as their secondary language
13. I lowkey want to offer graphic services on Wattpad but it confuses me oh my gad
14. I'm a meanie sometimes
15. I'm an ENFJ
16. I take some things very seriously, only if there is a hint of offensive content - even micro sized. I'm not the type of person that people can talk behind my back - I'd do whatever it takes to make them feel ashamed for making me feel that way.
17. I always fantasize being in a KPop girl group, maybe from SM ENTERTAINMENT. IMO I pull off ballads better than bubbly energetic songs, and the company has that..thing going on. f(x), SHINee and Red Velvet inspire me.
18. I don't believe in such fan wars. Not necessary, at all.
19. I've nothing against LGBT - though sometimes I sound like I do.
20. I despise people who spam my notifications, unless I give them permission to do so
21. I think every person should try Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Dim Sum and Teh Tarik (all except Dim Sum are only in Malaysia as far as I'm concerned). They taste fabulOUS
22. Once I dyed my hair a reddish brown but it faded too soon T^T
23. I read KPop fics, a lot. Most of them are angst (lol yandere side exposed)
24. The only anime I like is Diabolik Lovers. I wrote a reader insert of the anime on QuoteV titled "Diabolical".
25. I have been noted as that one friend who looks like she's sad or angry but it's just her face, and I be like "Lol call me mini Krystal if you will"
26. I really admire designers like :iconabbysidian: :iconwilliam-br: :iconinfinityisdead: , :iconkhandr: , :iconjungjihoctv18: ,:iconsiguo: and :iconbaddestfemale2o: :D (Big Grin) 
27. I'd describe my fashion as "lazy but still rad - hAh you thought"
28. I have a terrible sense of humor I'm so sorry
29. Lol let's just pretend that I'm drunk when I'm doing this 13 facts

:iconsnowyowl119: 's Questions:

1) Scale of 1-10, how much did you love this vid? 


Download (430 KB)

-to infinity and beyond

2) Do you prefer the Tae at the beginning (cool Tae) or at the end (giggly Tae):


Download (685 KB)

- giggly Tae ofc BTS V Taehyung Smile 
3) Has the GIF below happened to you before? Who was the bias wrecker? Meow :3
 Image by SnowyOwl119
- Kim Namjoon oh my gad

4) Choose a Jungkook cover:
"Paper Hearts" 
Kookie Paper Hearts by SnowyOwl119
"Lost Stars"?
Kookie Lost Stars by SnowyOwl119
- Paper Hearts BTS -  Jungkook Emoticon 

5) Choose an aegyo:
Hobi's aegyo
Hobi Heart by SnowyOwl119
Jimin's Aegyo?
Jimin Heart Aegyo by SnowyOwl119
- Hobi's aegyo [#68] J-hope ft Tae's Nose - wtf are you doing pt1 

6) Favorite YouTube channel? (Channels like BangtanTV, CubEntertainment, etc. DO count)
- SM Town [a MeU, Shawol and a RV stan here]

7) Is Jimin your Bangtan bias wrecker?Cute Jimin by SnowyOwl119
 - He was but then Dance Mon popped up

8) Do you call the BTS members by their real names or their stage names? Or a nickname like "TaeTae" or "Hobi"?
- Their real names [#76] Taehyung - Close up 

9) Has your photo gallery been totally Bangtan-ified like mine? Aww BTS Emoticon#2 
- It will soon tho

10) How'd you find Bangtan?
- Through my friends about 4 years ago but I wasn't into them at all at that time. Then last year when FineBros made the YouTubers react to KPop I was met with Bangtan again with their Dope MV and I immediately fell into that hole after a few Bangtan Bombs

11) Who was your first bias? Your bias now? BTS V Taehyung Smile Suga-aegyo-sm BTS -  Jungkook Emoticon [BTS] Rap Monster #1 [BTS] Jin #1 [Bangtan Boys] [BTS] JHope EXCUSE ME 
- Kim Taehyung ! My bias now is either Kim Namjoon or Jung Hoseok

12) Favorite BTS song?
- All three parts of Cypher honestly ; House of Cards and I Need U

13) THINK FAST: 30 minutes left of your life, where would you go? (It takes the blink of an eye to go somewhere, so don't think about like "Oh, it would take to much time to go to that place")
- Paris to have all the pastries
- Or South Korea to walk in entertainment companies' buildings just say hi and take group selfies with my favorite groups

:iconjustmarine: 's Questions

1. If you get to live anywhere in the world that's not your home, possible or not, where would it be? Either Seoul, South Korean or Paris or New York City
2. If your main fandom was real, what would you do and why? My main fandom was PowerPuffGirls omagad don't judge me pls ;-;
I'd marry Professor because uh why not
3. What helps calm you down when you're sad or angry and why? Binge downloading stocks , and cry in the bathroom. I think both methods help me regain my self-consciousness and confidence after a rough episode
4. Do you have a favorite musical instrument? Drums ! I'm not into playing instruments much ahha but I like expressing my anger through hitting drums
5. Imagine this: you're on an island with a broken ship, a hut without people and a ship that's coming with lots of guns and cannons. What do you go to first and why? Before the ship sails I'd be swimming my heart out across the sea/ocean regardless of sharks or whatever's under there because I'd rather not die in human's hands you know (kinda deep ngl)
6. You wake up to find that you're in your favorite movie/series character's world! What do you do? Ooh If I Stay huh - I'd be besties with both Mia and Adam and try to prevent the *spoiler if you haven't seen it* accident. I'd go to Adam's concerts and Mia's performances bc wow music is life
7. If superheroes and villains were real (both Marvel and DC), who would you try to find? Why? I'd find the Black Widow because I'd like to be her trainee so I can look badsass and kick butts
8. What's on embarrassing thing you did in your childhood? When I was in 6th grade which was 5 years ago, I tried so hard to fit in that my friends would judge and laugh at how I dress, talk and act omo To this day I still cringe whenever I reminiscence
9. What's your favorite song at the moment? G.U.Y. BY LADY GAGA
10. Do you have a strange obsession with something, for example, alignment or cleanliness? I have a strange obsession of keeping things I find pretty like magazines from 4-5 years ago, expired cosmetics. Also I mean - when I look at PSD colorings, textures and renders I'd rush to get ALL of them despite not knowing whether I'm going to need them or not in the future.
11. Imagine this: one day, you wake up to find that you're the same age as your favorite celebrity, and you live nearby them. You find out that they're your best friend. What do you do? (Let your imaginations run!) Krystal Jung? I'd faint for a minute. JkJK - I'd ask her out to the cinemas, boutiques, theme parks and carnivals and concerts (basically spoil the flip out of her) and treat her to breakfast brunch lunch tea dinner supper. I'd invite her to photobooths just so we can boast our friendship to the world. wOW and yeah literally everything that makes her happy bc she deserves happiness just like everyone else am I right?
12. Do you have a particular sport that you're not really good at? Track racing. I've asthma you know and that slows me down. It saddens me because I love running, I feel like flying whenever I do that.
13. Have you ever stayed alone at home? Lol yeah and I actually like being alone at home, I get to blast KPop music and do graphics for half of the day. I get to empty the fridge, rule my own catwalk/runway and dance to Touch My Body

My Questions

1. What do you want in life?
2. Do you consider your habits healthy?
3. If you have two wishes right now, what would they be?
4. Best part of graphic designing / drawing?
5. What kind of temper do you have?
6. Are you on dA often?
7. What soothing, calming songs do you recommend?
8. Do you trust people?
9. Do you read books? What kind?
10. Do you write?
11. What was your first language?
12. Do you like huge t-shirts?
13. Favorite ice cream flavor?

I Tag

-and whoever is bored ehhe
: it's up to you if you want to ^^

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